The School of Public Affairs was founded in 2010. Its establishment is an important measure for USTC to better serve local and national economic and social development services. SPA will integrate high-quality scientific and educational resources in schools and the community, and offer professional degree, post-graduate education and advanced training, to create a nationally and internationally renowned, first-class School of Public Affairs.

Postgraduate science and professional degree education, such as Master of Law, Juris Master and Master of Logistics Engineering, are offered at SPA. For legal education, SPA has a degree awarding points system, in which Master of Law, Juris Master can be granted, as well as the PhD in management of intellectual property. For Logistics education, SPA has a Master's degree point system, leading to the award, Master of Logistics Engineering. At present, the School is actively pursuing professional degree graduate education for the community and cultivating applications from high-level and talented prospective students.

The School of Public Affairs responds closely to the needs of the community and vigorously conducts relevant and valuable professional post-graduate research and education.

The School of Public Affairs focuses on research and curriculum development, and constantly improves the overall ability of scientific research. The School has the Research Centers of Public Economics, the Policy Research, the Public Management and the International Affairs. It also has the first-class intellectual property rights Management Research Center and Science and Technology Law Laboratory, which integrate national intellectual property management, law, policy, economic analysis and practice in one. These centers will integrate resources as we strive to create a distinctive and distinguished School of Public Affairs.

The School of Public Affairs is actively engaged in national and local economic construction and social development, and with the relevant government departments, to carry out multi-directional cooperation. SPA consists of the Anhui Intellectual Property Training Center, Anhui Copyright Education Model Center, The Hefei Trademark and Brand Cultivation Base, and the Innovative Personnel Training Base of Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area. SPA will further strengthen cooperation with government departments, enterprises, institutions and the community to foster the development of high-level, application-oriented personnel, and to actively promote economic and social development.

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