Innovation, competition & cooperation! As the education protocol of University of Science and Technology of China describes, the USTC School of Public Affairs plays a key role in linking university and society to provide more opportunities for high-level learners. Focusing on research, consultancy and excellence in academic teaching, the School of Public Affairs, USTC, provides individuals, organizations, and professional groups with a variety of courses. A series of creative programs helps talented professionals prepare for career entry. The School of Public Affairs has two majors: Law and Logistics, which includes a Law Master subject, the Juris Master, and the Master of Logistics Engineering. There is also a Ph.D program in management of intellectual property.
Quality is the most important aspect. We have a strong background in science and technology management because USTC is an internationally recognized university. Therefore, all our courses are conducted by excellent academic staff and experts from industry and commerce. They will help you meet your learning objectives and academic potential, so whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, graduate, official, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated. On behalf of the School of Public Affairs of USTC, I wish you every success for your educational future.

Song Wei, Dean of PAS


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