Innovation- Creativity

2012-10-29 | 查看: 2849

Lecturer:Mr. Mark Lambert
    Mark is graduated from the Southern Nazarene University. With many years working, he has much experience about innovation. Due to his experience. he was appointed as the Senior Manager of a famous private military corporations in US. At present, he lead a team to design and implement an organizational construct to enable a global single supply chain to provide materials and services to the company.
Lecture Content:
This lecture addresses the progress that has been made to date by Chinese business. But it will also address the challenges ahead and the need for innovation and creativity in Chinese business. Concepts from creativity and thinking differently to open the door to innovation will be covered.

Venue: Classroom 601 of SPA, South Campus of USTC
Date: 15:00, Nov.12, 2012
Contact: Mr. Andy, 3602879

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