How to get a perfect job after college

2012-11-06 | 查看: 2852

Lecturer:Tanja Helms
Extensive business experience at management levels in computer and health care industries.  Professionally trained registered nurse (RN) with specialty in intensive care, open heart surgery, and trauma. Tech savvy with Apple Mac computers, digital cameras, and mobile phones.  Serious amateur photographer with extensive training in Apple’s Aperture software, cameras, and photo studios. Effective and at ease in interacting with a wide variety of people. Training and instruction to professionals and students the operation and utilization of various types of computers and software.     

    A new societal phenomena known as Ant Tribes are making a huge impact on Chinese culture as more and more college graduates become unwilling members. Many cities throughout China are now housing Ant Tribes. Many college graduates are working in menial bs. They are isolated from their families and their dreams of a successful career are broken. They are busy like Ants but going nowhere and staying nowhere. During this lecture, learn how you can equip, educate, and prepare yourself to get the perfect job after college, thus avoid entering the Ant Tribe.

Venue: Classroom 5106, Teaching Building 5, East Campus of USTC
Date: 15:00, Nov.12, 2012
Contact: Mr. Andy, 3602879

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