USTC held the Intellectual Property and S&T Innovation and Regional Development Seminar of 2017

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On April 23, the Intellectual Property Doctoral Forum and S&T Innovation and Regional Development Seminar was held in Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT), USTC. There were 460 people attending this event from universities, research institutes, law firms, enterprises, government and press.

This forum was co-hosted by USTC, China Law Association on Science and Technology (CLAST), Anhui Intellectual Property Office, Anhui Copyright Administration and Anhui Copyright Association. It was co-organised by the School of Public Affairs (PAS), USTC, Shanghai Allbright Law Office (Hefei), and Beijing LonYuanZhiXin Intellectual Property Agency, Innovation Incubation Investment Company, USTC S&T innovation and regional development research center and National Intellectual Property Training Base (Anhui). Some organisations provided support as well, which were IAT, Anhui Intellectual Property Society, Science Technology and Law Editorial Office, Anhui Intellectual Property Enforcement Division and Anhui Seed Management Department.

LU Shouxiang, Vice President of IAT delivered an opening speech on behalf of ZHU Changfei, Vice President of USTC. He emphasized the essence of President XI’s address of last year’s visit to USTC. USTC had paid a lot attention to Intellectual Property (IP) for years. The approval of USTC Innovation and Regional Development Think Tank in 2016 was a great achievement. The IP development in China has always conformed to the spirit of innovation. USTC has been involved in building the comprehensive national science center in Hefei, supporting the way of technology R&D and science outputs transfer, and contributing to IP development in China.

ZHANG Shu, Director of CLAST, talked on behalf of DUAN Ruichun, President of CLAST. Mr. DUAN appreciated USTC and PAS’s effort in IP development. The establishment of S&T innovation and regional development Think Tank and Science Technology and Law in PAS has marked a milestone in USTC’s IP and policy science work. CLAST insisted on the basic strategy of governing by law as well as innovation-driven development strategy. In order to promote science and law evolution in China, CLAST wished to join hands with government agencies and professional areas like S&T, industrial, law, judicial and academia.

LI Jinhua, President of Anhui Copyright Association, introduced the fruit of China and Anhui IP work. He hoped this event would be successful and through this opportunity, IP work would be enhanced and innovated.

ZHU Ming, Director of Shanghai Allbright Law Office (Hefei), welcomed all the participants and thanked the supporting organizations and staff. He conveyed that this forum was an important platform for both IP theory and practice communivation. He was grateful to USTC and PAS’s forum arrangements. He pointed out innovation was the primary motivation for development, S&T innovation and IP protection was significant to the prosperity of Anhui Province. He represented the office and made a promise to plunge into IP development.

IP affairs were drawing public attention along with the rapid development of economy, culture and IT. The theme of 17th World Intellectual Property Day was ‘Innovation changes Life’. Many experts reported for the forum in the morning: GUO Shugui, CEO of China Technology Exchange; LIU Dong, Vice Director of Anhui Intellectual Property Office; WEI Guo, Director of Anhui Guoyu Law Firm; YAN Dong, Chief Manager of Beijing LonYuanZhiXin Intellectual Property Agency; QIN Jie, Executive Editor of Science Technology and Law; SONG Wei, Dean of PAS. Topics covered issues like S&T outputs transfer, IP work and innovation policies in Anhui, three reviews to unite as one under lawyers’ perspective, innovation in IP agency service, stimulation of IP industry, IP trust, etc.

There were four sub-forums in the afternoon: patent and protection of new plant varieties, S&T finance and IP operation, IP management and S&T innovation for enterprises, regional innovation progress and IP administration. In total, more than 30 experts gave presentations in different sub-forums, who were from USTC, Anhui Intellectual Property Office, Anhui Copyright Administrations and S&T enterprises.

USTC continues to focus on IP affairs. Since 2005, USTC students and teachers have engaged in academic activities relating to World Intellectual Property Day celebration. They have set up a platform to communicate and promote the development of the IP discipline, which in turn has positively affected the environment of innovative university culture and Anhui IP development.

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