Round-table Conference of Sino-Russian Youth Forum of ‘Yangtze River-the Volga’ was held in USTC

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On June 10,the round-table conference of the 4th Sino-Russian Youth Forum of ‘Yangtze River-the Volga’ was successfully held in USTC. The conference was co-organized by USTC office of International Cooperation and the School of Public Affairs (PAS).

Conference attendees were GUO Qiang, Chief of Anhui Daily Press Group; SUN Yong, government official of Ma’an Shan city; JIANG Jiajie, Deputy Director of USTC office of International Cooperation; SONG Wei, Dean of PAS;WU Feng, Associate Professor of the School of Computer Science and Technology; and more than 100 members of the Youth Forum.

Mr. GUO Qiang gave a speech titled ‘Cultural self-confidence is media workers’ mission’.The main topic of the forum was culture, Mr. GUO quoted Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev’s poem to explain the characteristics of Russian culture and also shared ways of enhancing cultural self-confidence. He said Russia and China will both win global attention by frequent cultural exchanges.

A delegate from the Republic of Moldova introduced the country’s education system, culture, and related policies. She also shared the history, facilities, discipline and international cooperation of Mordovian State University. The delegate delivered gratitude to USTC for providing an opportunity to learn more about China. She wished that more Chinese students could get to know Moldova through this forum. In addition, she expressed her hopes that China and Russia can deepen their friendship.

Mr. SUN Yong reported how Ma’an Shan made progress in the Yangtze River Economic Belt construction and future plans. He talked about the connection between the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Volga Economic Belt and how both sides are benefiting each other. He concluded by saying that youth is the mainstay of cultural and education exchange and invited Russian students to visit Ma’an Shan. He hoped for a long-lasting relationship between Chinese and Russian youth.

A delegate from Bashkir State University,the Republic of Bashkortostan, made a presentation titled ‘Scientific and Innovative Development of Bashkir State University and Cooperation with China’. He listed the University’s structure, education programs, research centers, international cooperation etc. He emphasized the Institution’s partner-universities in China, expecting more Chinese students to apply for exchange programs in Bashkir State University.

Associate Professor WU Feng demonstrated USTC’s Intelligent Robot R&D by introducing the programs various achievements, characteristics, reputation, and the public service robot KEJIA along with its platform. He showcased robots KEJIA and JIAJIA through a video clip which attracted the audience’s attention.

Two student representatives from JIANG Xi province spoke about the abundant natural and tourism resources in JIANG Xi. They detailed the university Russian language program, Russian language center and international exchange in JIANG Xi.

Last but not least, Dean SONG Wei presented a lecture about the One Belt One Road initiative and Chinese tea culture. He addressed the development and issues of One Belt One Road. He analyzed the tea production and trade along One Belt One Road route countries, which accelerated China’s tea export. He shared a number of activities organized by PAS which involved international students. In order to stimulate development of the One Belt One Road initiative and to ensure long-lasting friendship between Russia and China, PAS welcomes Russian students to obtain a higher degree at our school.

During the Q&A section, all participants communicated actively. As the main bridge between China and Russia, youth from the two countries shared their common goals and duties. The round-table conference, as well as this forum, was a precious platform which assisted in reinforcing Sino-Russian cooperative projects. All participants strongly believe in a bright future for both Russia and China.

Background introduction:

In May, 2013, the cooperative program of Sino-Russian “Yangtze River-the Volga” was officially started, it places emphasis on promoting economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange between the two regions.

The Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” is a supporting activity affiliated with the Cooperation Council of Sino-Russian “Yangtze River-the Volga”. The 4th Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” will be held in Anhui from June 6th to 17th of this year. In addition to USTC, six other Anhui universities will participate in the activity. The opening ceremony was led by the Russian delegation, the Education Department of Anhui Province, the Foreign Affairs Office and other units. The secretary of USTC, Mr. Xu Wu and school leaders of four other executive universities were also present.

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