Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic Gave a Series of Lectures at PAS

2017-06-27 | 查看: 1154

During June 6th to 8th, Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic, associate professor from University of Kragujevac, Serbia, visited PAS and gave two lectures.

In the first lecture, titled ‘Population Aging as Global Phenomenon-Gender Differences and Its Impact to Provision and Financing of Health Care’, Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic used several pictures and data to highlight the importance of public health care. He elaborated on the history of population aging by using a demographic transition model. He listed some aspects which may influence future trends of population aging, including: the changing role of the family, the worldwide growth in geriatric population and the gendered perspective. By comparing population aging in BRICS and the Next Eleven, Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic emphasized a number of outstanding characteristics in these fast developing countries.

The title of the second lecture was ‘Evolving Health Expenditure Landscape of the BRICS Nations and Projections to 2025’. Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic began with a short overview of global economic history. He presented graphs and statistics to analyze the economic development of some dominant countries. He pointed out the uniqueness of the health care market, sources of rising medical care costs, the life cycles of drugs etc. These contributing factors account for ‘medical expenses to the society rise in most industrialized countries, almost at a twice faster rate than overall GDP level as an indicator of ability of society to produce wealth’. Dr. Jakovljevic discussed BRICS’ health spending over the past two decades and the percentage point share (%) of Global THE (Int. $ PPP) of BRICS and G7 nations. Finally, Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic presented some forecasts for BRICS’ health care investment.

Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic’s lectures attracted many students, especially international students from ‘One Belt One Road’ route countries. They all benefited from the lectures and spoke highly for Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljevic’s ideas.

Dr.Mihajlo Jakovljevic is an associate Professor of Medical Sciences and head of the Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics faculty, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. His long-term research focus falls on population ageing, health financing and affordability issues in emerging global markets. So far he has held visiting research and teaching positions at Hosei University in Tokyo; Vienna Medical University, Austria; Ghent University, Belgium; and Ljubljana University, Slovenia. He has published over 100 full length papers in high impact journals.

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