The Visible and Unseen Glory of China ——Vithiyapathy Purushothaman received the award for his research article

2018-11-12 | 查看: 612

           On November 7th, Chinese Service Center for Scholar Exchange, Ministry of Education Chinaheld the award-winning ceremony for 2nd Essay Competitionfor International Students in China and Alumni of Chinese Universities at Beijing University of Technology. The Paper titled “The Visible and Unseen Glory ofChina” written by Vithiyapathy Purushothaman(李拯) has received the third prize among 800 articles submitted for the competition this year.

The article written in Chinese that reads “The Visible and Unseen Glory of China” projected the perception of the PhD Scholar in USTC. The author began his essay by recalling his first delegation visit to China in 2017. He exclaimed that the projection of the reality in China is completely different from international media perspective. Only those who stay in China could understand this major difference. He further highlighted that, by joining PhD in USTC has provided him the platform to gain real ground understanding of cultural, tradition and scientific advancements of China.

The article explained his understanding of Chinese culture and traditions. He admired the infrastructure of Chinese cities that still preserves the formula of风水(Feng Shui) in the phase of modernisation as well as becoming green cities of the world.Further, described the effectiveness of digital economy and advancement of scientific research in China which is achieved through hard work of each province as well as reform and opening-up policy. In the end, he exclaimed the hospitality of Chinese people which is effectively exchanging the cultural understanding with foreigners. Overall, in his preliminary observation, as a foreigner he mentioned that China provides foreigner friendly environment which is periodically upgrading itself with the reforms and open ups. This in turn makes China grow brighter and brighter.

Vithiyapathy Purushothaman (李拯) attended the event at Beijing University of Science and Technology and received the award from Ministry of Education.

International Student Organization received “Excellent Organization Award” in the ceremony.

As an honor of excellency, the article will also be shortly published in People’s Daily Overseas Edition.


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