Science Technology and Law was selected into the extended edition of CSSCI source journals

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 On March 25, Institute for Chinese Social Sciences Research and Assessment of Nanjing University published the extended edition ofChinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) source journal catalog 2019-2020(hereinafter referred to as extended CSSCI). Science Technology and Law, undertaken by the School of Public Affairs (PAS), USTC, was selected into the extended CSSCI forits first time.

Science Technology and Law was under the charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China and sponsored by the China Law Association on Science and Technology (CLAST). On June 2016, the departments authorized PAS as undertaker. With the strong support of the USTC, all teachers and students of the editorial department make concerted efforts. After more than two years of efforts, the quality of the journal has been continuously improved and its academic influence has been steadily enhanced.

Over the past two years, teachers and students of the editorial department have taken measures such as redesigning the layout, academic topic planning and international famous writers' contribution soliciting to pay close attention to the quality of contributions and enhance the popularity and academic influence of the journal. Through the establishment of periodical editing and examination management regulations, widely carrying out periodical research, holding special conferences, co-hosting academic conferences, strengthening column planning and other measures to continuously improve the level of professional development. In the future, Science Technology and Law will further expand thinking and actively explore the international development path of Chinese academic journals.

Science Technology and Law is committed to promoting the interaction and exchange between S&T and law, focusing on the interdisciplinary research of S&T law and ethics, S&T policy and management, intellectual property theory and practice, transformation and industrialization of S&T achievements, and striving to build an interdisciplinary platform for academic exchange, practical research and case analysis.

CSSCI is an important evaluation tool in the field of humanities and social science in China, which uses the Chinese Social Sciences Research and Assessment of Nanjing University to collect more than 500 kinds of academic journals and more than 100 kinds of academic journals with high editing and publishing standards and citation frequency. CSSCI journals are selected according to the inclusion and citation of papers published in journals, and the results are published every two years. The inclusion in the catalog of CSSCI source journals and the extended edition indicates that the quality of this academic journal has reached a high level to some extent.

Link: extended edition of CSSCI source journal catalogue 2019-2020


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