USTC held the IP Summit and Report on White Paper on the IP Development and Protection in Anhui Province in the Year 2018

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On April 20, the Intellectual Property Summit and Report onWhite Paper on the Intellectual Property Development and Protection in Anhui Province in the Year 2018(hereinafter referred to asWhite Paper)was held in Waterbone Auditorium, USTC east campus.Participants were from universities, research institutes, law firms, enterprises, government and press. Plus international students from The Belt and Road route countries, there were nearly 300 people attended this event.

This Summit was co-hosted by USTC, Anhui Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and Anhui Copyright Administration. It was co-organised by the School of Public Affairs (PAS), Shanghai Allbright Law Office, National Intellectual Property Training Base (Anhui). Some organisations provided support as well, which were Anhui Intellectual Property Society, Anhui Intellectual Property Research Center, Guoyu Law Firm,Science Technology and Laweditorialoffice, Beijing Longyuan IP Group, China IP distance education Anhui platform. The summit was hosted by CHEN Xiaoling, deputy secretary of PAS, and ZHU Hailun, PhD candidates from PAS.



Professor ZHANG Shu of PAS delivered an opening speech on behalf of HUANG Sufang, USTC committee member and chief accountant. She said the whole university is deepening its reform and innovation, launching the discipline construction of "new engineering, new medicine and new liberal arts", making full use of high-quality educational resources, and cultivating more much-needed cutting-edge talents for the country and local. PAS has made remarkable achievements in knowledge innovation and made rapid progress in the teaching and research, management protection and promotion and application of IP.

CHEN Yin, deputy director of Anhui Market Supervision Administrationand director of Anhui IPO,expressde his sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests and friends from the media. He introducedWhite Paperandachievements of Anhui IP work. He pointed out that the development of IP needs the common participation of the whole society, which not only advances actively in actions, but also deepens exchanges in experience. He hoped that we make full use of the important platforms such like this summit, to exchange in-depth, inspire mutually, build consensus, form a group of IP rights in the development of new ideas, new thoughts and new initiatives, develop good policies for IP rights in Anhui, commend, contributing to enhance the level of Anhui IP development in more wisdom and strength. PENG Xiaobao, director ofAnhui Intellectual Property Research Center, talked about the making ofWhite Paper,which was made by Anhui IPO and USTC and the first time Anhui published this documents.



The summit was cpmprised by the main summit and 3 sub-forums. Not only experts and scholars from different countries and regions carried out academic exchanges and collision of ideas on international IP affairs, IP finance ecological chain and other frontier hot issues, but the picture and data exhibition of various activities and ceremonies and Anhui province IP creation and utilization and protection was interspersed. At the copyright registration ceremony ofUSTCIP Doctoral Forum,LI Xiaogang, secretary of PAS,accepted the certificate issued by Anhui Copyright Trading Center. At the course professors’ recruitment ceremony ofNational Intellectual Property Training Base (Anhui), ZHOU Chaosheng, deputy director of the base, presented the appointment letters to two practice experts from the IP industry, lawyer WANG Huaiqing and lawyer WEI Guo. Anhui Copyright administration hosted the presentation ceremony of kingsoft software; Anhui Market Supervision Administration held an exhibition on the creation, application and protection of Anhui IP rights.



During the presentation segment, CHEN Naiwei, deputy director of China Law Association on Science and Technology (CLAST) and professor of Law School of Fudan University, reported on the topic of implementation of international commercial settlement agreement on IP rights. GU Gongyun, deputy director of Economic Law Research Society of China Law Society and director ofShanghai Allbright Law Office, reported on the topic of IP protection in the field of artificial intelligence. DING Jian, CEO of chinacpv asset appraisal company and CEO of Beijing Intellectual Wealth Group, reported on the topic of IP finance ecological chain sharing. XU Shaoding, director ofScience Technology and Laweditorialoffice,reported on the topic of building a professional academic platform to facilitate research and dissemination ofS&T laws. Kolja Roman Targan, Lawyer from Hamburg, Germany, reported on the topic of development of German IP law (especially on trade secrets). SONG Wei, dean of PAS, reported on the topic of IP protection and cooperation in the context of the Belt and Road.



Sub-forums were Guoyu IP doctoral forum, Allbright IP practice forum and IP development of listed companies’ forum. The participants discussed patent policy, trademark litigation, IP in financial management, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, corporate management, trade secrets, patent protection and other practical aspects.



USTC continues to focus on IP affairs. Since 2005, USTC students and teachers have engaged in academic activities relating to World Intellectual Property Day celebration. This platform is to communicate and promote the development of the IP discipline, which in turn has positively affected the environment of innovative university culture and Anhui IP development.


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