The Opening Ceremony for the 10th Training Course for Potential Service and Employment in International Organizations

2019-09-10 | 查看: 111

On the morning of 8th August 2019, the 10th Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Training Course for ‘Potential Service and Employment in International organizations’ was held at USTC. This event was co-hosted by the Bureau of International Co-operation CAS, USTC and Department of international cooperation of CAS. It was organized by the School of Public Affairs (SPA). Academician Bao Xinhe, president of the university of science and technology of China, attended the opening ceremony to exchange views and to take memorable pictures with the leaders of the Bureau of International Co-operation CAS along with all trainees.



Chief accountant HUANG Sufang delivered the welcoming speech on behalf of USTC. She then congratulated the opening of the training program. She warmly greeted all leaders, trainees and professors. She pointed out that S&T diplomacy is an important part of China's overall diplomatic strategy. Further, mentioned that the international organizations are playing an increasingly important role in international science and technology exchanges and cooperation. She highlighted that USTC continues to improve trainees' working ability in international organizations through professional and high-end training, with a view to providing more Chinese talents to international organizations.


Director Li Yin introduced the latest development of international exchanges and cooperation of CAS. He stressed that all trainees should be clear about responsibilities, and insisted to always remember the initial intention and mission of CAS‘scientific and technological innovation, serving the country and the people’, and carry it through their study and work. He said that all the training courses organized by the school of public affairs of USTC have achieved good results. He hopes that the trainees will cherish the hard-won learning opportunities and apply the knowledge they have learned to their future work to make due contributions to strengthening the country's ability to participate in global governance of science and technology and enhance the international voice.


Wang Jinniu, a researcher from the Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS, spoke as the trainee representative. He said that all trainees will study hard and think hard in the course of the training. They will carry their responsibilities on their shoulders and keep their missions in mind with enterprising spirit and pragmatic attitude.



To date, the Training Course for Potential Service and Employment in International Organizations has been successfully held at USTC for 9 years. Under the support and guidance of the Bureau of International Co-operation CAS and USTC, the training program has trained a group of professionals with an international perspective and a good understanding of international rules for the Chinese academy of sciences.


On the basis of summarizing previous experience, the training course will further optimize the teaching staff and select courses. According to the requirements of entry into international organizations, courses are designed on the basis of employment of international staff, cross-cultural communication, public crisis response, policies and management of international organizations and other aspects. The study and training are carried out in strict accordance with the working environment of international organizations to lay a solid theoretical and practical foundation for trainees to work in international organizations in the future.


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