Professor Anthi Koskina Visited School of Public Affairs

2019-11-14 | 查看: 111

On July 23rd, Anthi Koskina, Professor of Law at the University Paris 13, visited our school and gave a special lecture on international intellectual property Liu Yinghua, Director of the International Affairs Office, presided over the lecture and warmly welcomed Professor Anthi Koskina's arrival. International students from more than 10 countries including Pakistan, Malaysia and Laos attended the seminar.

From the concept of intellectual property and the introduction of the world intellectual property organization, Professor Anthi Koskina elaborated the necessity of formulating international intellectual property law. She reviewed and analyzed the origin and development of international intellectual property law, and especially introduced the scope and content of international intellectual property law protection through several examples.

All teachers and students listened to the lecture carefully, took notes and took photos from time to time, and had a heated discussion on relevant issues, thus gaining a clearer understanding of international intellectual property law. After the lecture, teacher Liu Yinghua and international students expressed their heartfelt thanks to Professor Anthi Koskina with warm applause. Professor Anthi Koskina said that she was very glad to come to our school for exchange and discussion. She hoped that there would be an opportunity to strengthen cooperation on legal issues, promote the relationship between the two countries and face opportunities and challenges together.


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