USTC held the Intellectual Property Day Online Presentations

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26th April, 2020 marked the 20th World Intellectual Property Day, which was themed “Innovation for Green Future”. The Intellectual Property Day event was presented via a series of online presentations and was co-hosted by PAS, USTC, Hefei Intellectual Property Office and Hefei Intellectual Property Development Alliance; it was co-organized by the National IP Training Base (Anhui), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) TISC center, Science Technology and Law Editorial Office; it was supported by Anhui IP Research Institute, Anhui IP Research Center and Anhui IP Distance Education Platform. The hostess of this event was SONG Lan, Deputy Director of PAS Juris Master Center.  


SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, gave a report about ‘green IP and sustainable development’. He analyzed the current IP system from the perspective of environmental law and pointed out the legal conflict between traditional IP, as private right, versus environmental as public right. He also gave some solutions to solve this problem. He emphasized that green IP is the modern development and improvement of traditional IP under the background of new ecological civilization. A green evaluation system for technological innovation should be established to encourage the invention of environment-friendly technologies. He also put forward some suggestions on the creation, application, protection and management of green IP. 


During the IP Forum, ZHANG Xuehe, SONG Xiaoyan, HU Haiyang, PENG Xiaobao, as teachers from PAS, delivered speeches on topics such as fighting the epidemic using S&T, geographical indication and brand building, IP and industrial capital and new model for the S&T achievements transfer. Through theoretical analysis and case interpretation, they shared thoughts on IP from different perspectives. 


During the experts’ interview section, two experts were invited to talk about issues on traditional Chinese medicine IP and biotechnology and public health. They were Professor MA Zhiguo from IP research institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and Professor LIU Changqiu from Institute of law, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Life law research institute of Shanghai Law Society. 


Professor MA introduced the important role of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge in the prevention and control of covid-19. In order to solve the property rights and IP ownership issues, he suggested to establish a special protection system and to formulate regulations on the protection of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge. He suggested to improve the creative review system for patents of traditional Chinese medicine, and improve the database and directory of traditional Chinese medicine.  


Professor LIU thought biotechnology industry has become a new economic growth point, which not only brings benefits to human beings, but also raises new ethical and legal issues. China pays high attention to biotechnology and public health, however the relevant legislation is relatively lagging behind, so it is necessary to formulate systematic and dominant high-level laws, so as to lay a solid foundation for the rule of law construction in the field of biotechnology in China. 


GAO Xiaopei, Director of USTC IP big data lab, gave an overview of Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC), which was established by WIPO in USTC. XU Shaoding, Director of Science Technology and Law Editorial Office, introduced the recent development of journals, especially the internationalization of Chinese academic journals.  


USTC always attaches great importance to the work of IP in China. In March of 2016, IP team in USTC sent a letter to WIPO, and suggested that ‘green’ IP rights be the theme of World IP Day to promote sustainable development, in view of the increasingly serious environmental problems and the aggravation of resource depletion in the global scope in recent years. 


In April of 2016, Francis Gurry, Director -general of WIPO, replied back to USTC, praised the USTC team about the proposal of "green" IP, and introduced the WIPO’s work that will be done to combat global climate change. 


Each year on April 26, within different topics, faculty and students of PAS hold various public welfare activities, including forums, lectures, exhibitions, legal aid, law education and so on. As a result, to enhance the public awareness of IP and create a good environment for the development of IP to make their own efforts.


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