The Online Interview for International Student Enrollment in 2020 was a Success

2020-05-20 | 查看: 23


According to USTC's spirit and work deployment on promoting the process of internationalization and improving the quality of enrolled international students, PAS conducted online interview for international student applicants in batches in order to further complete the recruitment of international students and strictly control the quality of enrollment. 


The number of interviewees this year increased significantly compared to 2019. By the end of April 2020, a total of applications have been submitted to PAS. After preliminary screening, 73 qualified applicants were selected to enter the interview. Applicants were from 15 countries including the United States, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ghana, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. 


The interview was coordinated by SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, and two interview teams. The teams were led by Deputy Dean CHEN Wei and WEI Jiuchang respectively. LIU Yinghua, Director of PAS International Affairs Office, PENG Xiaobao, Deputy Director of MPA Center and other teachers also participated in the interview.


Due to the impact of epidemic, PAS made careful preparations and arrangements for this interview. PAS designed a detailed interview scoring criteria and questions in advance. They also considered and arranged the online interview schedule according to the different time zones. The interview process was carried out in two batches, namely in March and in April. A ranked list of those who have passed will be sent to the USTC Office of International Cooperation, and will then enter the next review process.


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