PAS held a forum for Think-tank Work

2020-05-20 | 查看: 27

On May 8th, a forum was held for PAS Think-tank work. The participants that attended were SONG Wei, Dean of PAS; CHEN Wei, Deputy Dean; and teachers namely FANG Benxin, WANG Shanyong, HU Haiyang, ZHAO Shuliang, GAO Xiaopei, WAN Ming, LU Liangdong, ZHOU Lei, WANG Huanying, XU Lili and others. 


Dean SONG highlighted the significance of promoting the construction of a new style of think-tank. He then put forward the proposals on the main tasks, the key topics selection, operation management, and other aspects of the think-tank’s next stage. He asked the researchers to be united and active, to write reports based on each project, in order to provide a basis and reference for scientific decision. Think-tank scientific research should be done within a high standard to serve the needs of the national strategy and economic and social development.


Experts and scholars at the meeting held heated discussions on scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property rights, environmental protection, the Belt and Road initiative, traditional Chinese culture, public health, emergency management and other aspects. They put forward many innovative ideas and specific plans on how to carry out the work in the next stage.



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