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Zhang Xuehe


Assistant Professor





Research Interests

Social Science Experiments, Trust RepairPublic Health


Xuehe Zhang is Assistant Professor of School of Public Affairs at The University of Science and Technology of China. He received his MSc and PhD from University of Science and Technology of China in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

Research Interests

Social Science Experiments, Trust RepairPublic Health.

Courses Taught

Empirical Methodology in Public Administration》, 《Social Science Experiments, Organization Behavior.

Research Projects

  • (Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province) 安徽省自然科学基金,1708085MG171、中国情境下知识型员工创新绩效研究:动机、创新过程与创新绩效的整合视角2017/07-2019/06,主持。

  • (Foundation of State Ministry of Education)教育部基本科研业务费专项资金青年创新基金,WK2160000004、知识型员工创新决策及创新绩效影响因素交互研究,2013/01-2015/12,主持。

  • (Foundation of Provincial Government) 安徽省卫生健康委项目,2019年安徽省综合医改执行情况第三方评估,2020/01-2020/12,主持。

  • (Foundation of Provincial Government) 安徽省发展改革委员会项目,安徽省物流立法课题研究2017/01-2017/12,主持。


*Corresponding Author

(1) Owolabi Justine Abayomi#; Xuehe Zhang*; Xiaobao Peng; Shuliang Zhao; Jianxun Chu, How Do Institutional Pressures and Behavioral Intentions Affect Mobile Services Adoption? The Moderating Role of Perceived Risk. The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, 2020(52):82-100. (SSCI)

(2) Zhang, Xuehe#;Malik, Muhammad Jawad ;Cui, Yubao ;Peng, Xiaobao*, A 2020 research commentary on the trust repair life cycle for "How to use apology and compensation to repair competence- versus integrity-based trust violations in e-commerce." Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,2020(40). (SSCI\SCI\EI)

(3) Kashif Ullah*Zhang Xuehe; Atlas, Fouzia ;  Khan, Farhan, The impact of dominant logic and competitive intensity on SMEs performance: A case from China. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 2019(4):1-11. (SSCI)

(4) Cui, Yubao# ;Zhang, Xuehe* ;Peng, Xiaobao ;Chu, Jianxun, How to use apology and compensation to repair competence-versus integrity-based trust violations in e-commerce. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,2018(32): 37-48. (SSCI\SCI\EI)

(5) Abbas, Asad#;Fatima, Anam ;Sunguh, Kenneth Khavwandiza ;Avdic, Anders ;Zhang, Xuehe*, Digital rights management system in China: Challenges and opportunities. Journal of Cases on Information Technology, 2018(20):20-30. (EI)

6)王郁琛#, 张学和*, 专利税收激励政策动机的新解释:国际税收竞争. 科技管理研究, 2015(14): 131-133+159. (CSSCI)

7张学和#, 宋伟*与方世建, 成就动机理论视角下的知识型员工个体创新绩效实证研究——基于部分科技型组织的调查数据分析. 科学学与科学技术管理, 2013(01): 164-171. (CSSCI)

8张学和#, 宋伟*与方世建, 组织环境对知识型员工个体创新绩效影响的实证研究. 中国科技论坛, 2012(10): 92-97. (CSSCI)

9)宋伟#, 张学和*与胡海洋, 远程自主学习者个人学习因素研究. 中国电化教育, 2010(1): 47-53. (CSSCI)

10)宋伟#, 张学和*与彭小宝, 我国中小企业知识型员工自主学习能力的实证研究——基于长三角部分企业的调查分析. 科学学与科学技术管理, 2010(4): 186-192. (CSSCI)

11)宋伟#, 张学和*与彭小宝, 我国区域创新中集群创新系统的知识产权参与机制研究. 当代财经, 2010(8): 88-94. (CSSCI)


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