PAS TISC Group Visited Hefei Huizhong Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd

2020-05-25 | 查看: 18


On April 24, SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, led the TISC (Technology and Innovation Support Center) work group to Hefei Huizhong Intellectual Property Management co., ltd. for exchanging ideas on the construction of the TISC.



ZHENG Fangting, Chief Manager of Hefei Huizhong Intellectual Property Management co., ltd., warmly welcomed the TISC group. He introduced the data center, information platform, patent analysis tool and research project of the company in detail, and shared relevant experience of the public information service platform of intellectual property rights and the construction of the TISC.


Dean SONG appreciated Huizhong Company’s construction work of TISC and related intellectual property platform, and hoped that the two sides could carry out close exchanges and cooperation in intellectual property data sharing, theoretical research, analytical tool development and think-tank report. At the same time, he pointed out that there is a certain gap between China's intellectual property achievements and other countries’, especially the transformation rate of patent technology. There is also a gap between Anhui and Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other Yangtze River delta regions in the transformation rate of intellectual property achievements.   


While providing intellectual property information services, TISC should also actively participate in the work of promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui province, so as to give full play to the scientific and technological innovation advantages of Hefei as a comprehensive national science center.



The two sides had a heated discussion and exchange on the hardware and software facilities and service mode improvement of TISC construction, and reached consensus on how to strengthen the follow-up cooperation.


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