USTC is one of the first 24 pilot universities to be granted the MPA education rights. USTC focuses on building a first-class MPA brand in China and improving the comprehensive ability of MPA graduates. It has carried out the "Ten - Hundred - Thousand - Ten Thousand" project, which consists of creating ten excellent courses, holding one hundred reports every year, building one thousand cases, and carrying out ten thousand miles travel activities. Since the launch of the "overseas research and study program", outstanding students were selected to study abroad to broaden their international vision and obtain credits. Good academic atmosphere, strict teaching management and abundant alumni resources make MPA of USTC stand out in China.


MPA education adopts classroom teaching, experiential teaching, situational teaching, mobile classroom, case study, group discussion, thematic discussion, overseas research and study, etc. The learning process insists on the combination of theory and practice, pays attention to the training of practical ability, and implements the double tutorial system to make students apply what they have learned.


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